David Colane

David was born into a family of builders and raised in the East End of London. His first act of rebellion was to join the army at 17 yrs old. Aged 19 and  bored with the army, he grew his hair long, dyed it blond, joined a rock band and toured Europe as its lead singer. At 22  he formed a small building business, got married and had children. In 2012 he sold a successful company and took up writing. David founded Penskills Publishing in February 2015.

Having written six hilarious comedy books for Kindle it was rapidly becoming evident to David that the chances of the 'Puckingell' series reaching the multitudes via e-books was on a parallel with him receiving a phone call from Beyonce saying, 'I can no longer live without you'.  At the beginning of 2015, whilst reading a publisher's report, he was made aware that only one book out of every ten thousand written  is ever published.  He picked up the gauntlet and founded Penskills Publishing. Their books are now available in WH Smiths and all major bookshops in the UK and online.

David's first love was always comedy. 'Easy to write and represents a comfort zone.' He once said. His outrageous adventures of the residents living in a village called Puckingell received spontaneous response. David  has now been encouraged to condense the six book series into two 400 page bumper paperback volumes, the first, 'For Pucksake' being released early in the new year.

Hot off the press is David Colane's 'WHOOSH!' 'Miranda Don't Open Your Eyes. Released from Clays on 24th September 2015 and available from W H Smith, it introduces a new super hero in Miranda Knight. Suitable for children of all ages, it also puts a smile on mum and dad's face. Having an  IQ of 143 and 3 gold medals at Junior level National  Martial Arts championships, Miranda commands respect from everyone she meets. Cheeky but never disrespectful, she will melt your heart as she handles bullies and wicked teachers alike, when she is whooshed back to Victorian times.  She takes pity on a starving orphan waif and decides to bring her home to the year 2015, much to her parents'  amazement! This amusing and heart rendering story has attracted the interest of primary school principals, due to Miranda's encouragement to work hard at school, avoid associating with bullies, have care and consideration for those less fortunate and be friends with your parents. This is a book that all parents will want their child to read.

Colane's next release: South Harbour. Romance and betrayal in this erotic murder mystery, set in the sleepy Cornish village of South Harbour. Sometimes violence is necessary in order to establish the truth. Feel the emotions as you share the secret whisperings of a reluctant awakening within a broken heart. Compare this with the uncontrollable lust and desires of two chance encounters.