A compelling story of love, passion, corruption and revenge.

The world is shocked and saddened at the tragic and untimely death of handsome Max Rawlings; football legend, fashion icon, media phenomenon and national hero. His grief stricken young wife vows to disprove the coroner's verdict of suicide. She is aided by a notorious television sports pundit who has his own axe to grind.

Max had to fight hard to win back Kathie, the love of his life, after a sordid 'kiss and tell' story about him hit the headlines. Lovers since teenagers, the glamorous couple become famous celebrities and marry in the glare of publicity.
Beautiful and talented Kathie Rawlings deplores and rebels against the label "footballers' WAG" She achieves success and notoriety in her own right as an exclusive interior designer, sought after by the rich and famous.

George Wallis, bears the sins of his father, who has dealings with London's criminal fraternity. George rules with a fist of iron as he struggles to maintain control as Manager of his beloved Redthorn Rangers FC. His Premier League team must win at all costs, and Max is a big fly in the ointment.

Chris Faraday is devastated and tormented by his best friend's death. Caught up in a potential sex scandal and blackmail, he balances on a knife's edge of fear, guilt and remorse. He has to conquer his demons and face the dilemma of risking his own life to help Kathie's cause.