WHOOSH! 'Miranda Don't Open Your Eyes'

The story line highlights the adventures of a 12 year old girl named Miranda Knight. She has an IQ of 143 and is a junior martial arts champion at National level. Miranda was born into a loving family. Amidst an atmosphere of fun and laughter, we share the young formative years of a highly intelligent child who quickly displays a deep concern for people less fortunate than herself.

Whilst 'learning as much as they are teaching', Miranda's parents never avoid an issue whenever she asks a serious question. At the age of twelve, Miranda declares that when she is grown up she will try to help those in need of love and support. She comes into possession of a magical book which transports her back to late Victorian times. The year is 1896, times are hard and Miranda witnesses abject poverty. She  encounters a gang of ragamuffins led by a large girl bully named Florence. With a minimum of force, Miranda subdues an attack on her person and immediately lectures her assailant on the alternatives to life as a bully. In a further scuffle with Florence's big brother, Miranda shows her true skills and wins instant respect from the whole gang.

Later in the story we see Florence approach Miranda asking for her forgiveness and friendship. Tears flow as Miranda comforts the girl and explains the way forward. Having witnessed brutality and starvation exacted on an eleven year old waif named Elizabeth, Miranda sees no alternative to bringing the sad and lonely child home to the year 2015, much to her parent's amazement! Elizabeth's reaction to being jumped forward 120 years is hilarious.Miranda is often cheeky but never disrespectful, however, it seems that her mother can never win an argument and normally ends up apologising to her.

Throughout the many comical encounters portrayed during this story, Miranda emphasises the importance of good behaviour, having a happy relationship with ones parents, and never getting involved with bullies. This book is as enjoyable for parents to read as it is for children of all ages. I sincerely believe that WHOOSH is a book that all parents would want their children to read.